The National Program for Advanced Skills launched the ‘Skills Cube’ initiative at the Zayed University’s main campus in Abu Dhabi. The ‘Cube’ is part of the ‘My Skill 12x12’ campaign; it seeks to create new opportunities for employment and excellence in various vital sectors and will include a number of activities and workshops across the UAE.

The three-metre-long ‘Skills Cube’ consists of four sides, the first of which symbolises the ‘advanced skills talks’ that people engage in about the skill of the month, while the second is ‘personal assessment of skills’, which allows the audience to identify their most powerful skill. The third side highlights the workshops to be held throughout the month in order to train community members to master the skill of the month, while the fourth side includes comprehensive information on advanced skills and the Strategy for the National Program for Advanced Skills, as well as a screen for interactive videos.

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