Hosting ‘Skills Cube’ to promote employee abilities

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently hosted a delegation from Skills Cube; a national programme for fostering advanced skills, lifelong learning, talent identification and capacity building. 

Mansour Al Falasi, Director of Human Resources and Development at RTA’s Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector was delighted with the hosting of this event at RTA as it contributes to building and enhancing employee skills, besides identifying talented employees and graduates. He praised the high standards of the programme and its contribution to Dubai Government’s objectives and RTA’s goals. 

“Representatives of Skills Cube held two workshops over two days where 50 employees were in attendance. Specialists gave an introduction about the Skills Cube initiative comprising a host of educational activities. They also briefed attendees on ‘My Skills 12x12’ campaign launched last June and showcased 12 skills under the Advanced Skills National Programme. UAE government entities were called to tackle one skill every month. The 12 skills are scientific literacy, creativity, critical thinking/problem solving, leadership, empathy, tech literacy, financial literacy, collaboration, communication, adaptability, social and cultural awareness and growing mindset,” explained Al Falasi. 

“This month’s skill was Scientific Literacy where specialists from the programme delivered an interactive workshop focused on identifying employee skills for achieving personal and career development. It was stressed that such a skill echoes (A Land for Talents); the seventh principle of the Eight Principles of Governing Dubai. It calls for making Dubai a land for talented individuals, brightest minds and intellects to enrich the community development,” he added.